Thompson Candle Co Wax Crumbles

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Thompson Candle Co crumbles are perfect for your candle warmers and make great gifts for the holidays. This 3oz package is perfect for trying out a new scent and is neatly packaged for stocking stuffers.

 Artisan-crafted in the USA since 1997, Thompson's Candle Co. Crumbles are ideal for your warmers. Melting just one piece gives a room-filling scent. Thompson's Candle Co. uses premium quality ingredients for long lasting, true-to-life fragrance. Choose from a super-scented variety of exclusively packaged 3 oz bags


Breakfast on the Farm: Buttery pancakes, blueberry, maple syrup, and bacon.

Mulled Cider: Apple cider, orange slices and mulling spices

Sugar and Spice: Savory, spicy, almost cake-like

Pine Forest: A deep breath of mountain air and pine forest